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no he was in congress for 2 years before he became president no he was in congress for 2 years before he became president

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Q: Did 'lincoln become senator before he became president?
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HOW did Andrew Jonson BECOME PRESident?

When Abraham Lincoln was nominated for President for a second term, Andrew Johnson replaced Hannibal Hamlin as Lincoln's running mate for Vice President. (Hannibal Hamlin had been Lincoln's Vice President during his first term in office, as President.)Abraham Lincoln won the 1864 Presidential election, with Andrew Johnson as Vice President. Lincoln served less than 2 months in office during his second term as President when he was assassinated on April 14, 1865.Andrew Johnson, the Vice President then took the role as President when Lincoln died.

Who led the Civil War?

President Lincoln was the president during the time of the Civil War. However, the general for the Confederate Army (the south) was Robert E. Lee. THe general for the Union (the north) was Ulysses S. Grant (later to become president)Abraham Lincoln

How many time did President Lincoln run before being elected?

it took up to 8 years for Lincoln to become president :)

Why did Abraham Lincoln want to be a president?

Abraham Lincoln wanted to become president to prevent the halt the spread of slavery and to stop the Union from crumbling. Believing that he knew exactly what was the best for the people, he wanted to champion his ideals especially during the Civil War.

Are former presidents still called President?

Despite what you might see in the popular media, the correct form of address for a former president of the United States is to use the title of the highest post that he held before becoming president. This courtesy was established by George Washington; the only exceptions to this rule are for former presidents that go on to hold other posts after their administration has ended (Taylor, who became a Senator, and Taft, who became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court). Thus, William Clinton should be addressed as "Gov. Clinton", as he was governor of Arkansas. G. H. W. Bush should be "Ambassador Bush", as he was ambassador to the UN. G. W. Bush should be "Gov. Bush", for his term in Texas. And President Obama will become "Senator Obama" once he leaves office. To see Miss Manners for more on the history of former presidential addresses, use the link below.

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When did Abraham Lincoln become senator of illoinos?

Abraham Lincoln became Senator of Illiinois in 1846.

Why did Andrew Johnson become the president?

Johnson was vice-president under Lincoln. After Lincoln was killed, Johnson became president.

Did Senator Obama become vice president?

No, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States.

Did Lincoln have a vice president that went on to be president?

Hannibal Hamlin did not become a President, but Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's 2nd Vice President, became the President when Lincoln was assassinated.

What did general dwight d eisenhower become in 1953 a president or senator?

That's the year Eisenhower became president.

Did Abraham Lincoln become a lawyer before he became president?

Yup!! He sure did.

Who was the first ex-president to become a senator?

Andrew Johnson was the only former president to become a senator.

What month did Andrew Johnson become president?

It was in mid April , 1865 that Lincoln was killed and Johnson became president.

Did Abraham Lincoln's vice president become president?

Yes, Andrew Johnson became President of the United States. Hannibal Hamlin did not.

What president was the only senator from a Confederate state to remain in congress after secession?

Andrew Johnson of Tennessee was the only senator from the South that remained in his senatorial seat after the outbreak of the rebellion. He would become the 17th president of the US after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in April of 1865. He also would become the first president to be impeached.

At what age did Abraham Lincoln become president?

Answer:Abraham Lincoln, born February 12, 1809 was 52 years of age when he became president, on March 4, 1861Abe was born to Nancy and Thomas Lincoln

When Abraham Lincoln become president?

Abraham Lincoln become president in March 1861.