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it took up to 8 years for Lincoln to become president :)

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Lincon ran for president in 1860 and 1864 and won both times.

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Lincoln ran 2 times before he was elected. He said he wouldn't give up.

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never, Carlos Lara always won

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Q: How many time did President Lincoln run before being elected?
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What did JFK do before being elected President?

John F. Kennedy was a naval officer,author,congressman and senator before being elected as president.

What was lincoln's top prority upon being elected president?

To preserve the union.

Is it true Only governors can be elected President of the US?

No, Obama was a Senator before being elected president

What positions did Harding hold before being elected president?

Harding was a US Senator from Ohio and the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio before he was elected President.

What did several southern state do in response to abraham lincoln being elected president?

Seceded from the USA

What was Abraham Lincoln's occupation before he became president?

Before being elected to the office of President, Abraham Lincoln served in both the state and national House of Representatives. Prior to his career in politics, Lincoln had success in banking and commerce.

How did the US get split into separate sides prior to the Civil War?

it was divided by Lincoln being elected president

Did Abraham Lincoln have kids before being president?


What job did most of the president have before being elected to office?


Why did the south secede after Lincoln was elected?

The south believed that President Lincoln was an abolitionist. They were afraid that Lincoln would outlaw slavery and seceded in anticipation of slavery being outlawed.

What public offices did Lincoln hold before president?

Abraham Lincoln's job was being a lawyer

What elected position did Barack Obama hold before being elected president?

Before becoming president, Barack Obama was elected to the Illinois state senate in 1996, and he was then elected to serve as a U.S. Senator from Illinois: he won that election in 2004.