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The Vital Center

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Q: Arthur Schlesinger Jr described the position between the political extremes as the?
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What term described a northerner who held a political position in the south during reconstruction?


How can places be described?

Place can be described by its name, property, position and history.

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how does the political system dominate position in society? How does position hurt democracy?

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The political spectrum is classifying different political positions on a geometric aspect. The position on political spectrum of conversations is that the political spectrum offers different ideologies on political stands.

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Asia is a continent that has several countries. Each country has its own political position and not all hold the same position.

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A statement about a political party and their position on issues is called a platform.

What political position is found in the center of the traditional political spectrum?


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An object's position can be described using coordinates (such as x, y, z in a 3D space), distances from reference points, or landmarks. It can also be specified relative to other objects or using geographic coordinates like longitude and latitude.

In a traditonal model of the political spectrum a position to the right of the center is a position?


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Making illegitimate use of political connections to acquire money or position?

political graft.