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Constitutional issues, repeal the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution to restore States' rights by returning the power back to the legislatures of...

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Q: Article V deals with what amendment?
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What does Article V of the US Constitution deal with?

Article V of the United States Constitution deals with the process by which the Constitution can be changed. The process starts with a proposal of a bill. If the bill passes, it might become an amendment.

Which is outlined in article V of the constitution?

Amendment Process -PrinceBlast

How many parts does the U.S. Constitution have and what are they?

There are technically 34 parts, but 27 of those are Amendments. The original (pre-Amendment) Constitution had seven Articles. Article I deals with the establishment and powers of Congress (the Legislative Branch) Article II deals with the Presidency (the Executive Branch) Article III deals with the federal courts (the Judiciary Branch) Article IV deals with powers and limitations on the States Article V is the process by which the Constitution can be amended Article VI asserts that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land Lastly, Article VII contains instructions for ratification of the Constitution (i.e. approval by the States so that it becomes law) The mnemonic is Lazy Elephants Jump Slowly And Sit Regularly (Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, States, Amendment, Supremacy, Ratification)

What Article V established what procedure so the Constitution can be modified as necessary?

Article V (5) established the amendment procedure so the constitution could be modified as necessary.

What does article V say in the constitution?

Article V deals with the amendment process regarding the Constitution, or how to make changes in our form of government. The article prescribes two methods of proposal, by Congress and by convention, for a proposed amendment. Either way proposed, the amendment-proposal must be ratified before becoming part of our Constitution. This can be either through state legislatures or state ratification conventions. Article V also mandates that it requires two thirds of Congress to propose an amendment and demands that ratification be done by three fourths vote. The upshot of this means that unless a proposed amendment has wide public support it will not become part of the Constitution. These high numeric numbers explain why radical elements would never succeed in passing unpopular amendments as many allege.

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