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Q: As president George Washington established an important precedent by creating different what in the executive branch for the various areas of national policy?
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Who set important prcedents for the executive branch of government?

George Washington

Which of the following set important precedents for the executive branch of government Was it George Washington Alexander Hamilton Edmund Randolph or Thomas Jefferson?

George Washington set precedents for the executive branch.

Most important executive power?


Which important precedent did Geoge Washington set for the executive branch during his administration?

Washington and Congress established the Judiciary Act of 1789, which created three levels of federal courts and defined their powers and relationship to the state courts.

Why is the executive branch important to the . government?

Why is the executive branch the most important branch to the government? The executive branch is important to the government because it enforces our nations laws and provides national security.

What are the two cities in your country where currency was established?

In the United States, New York, Philadelphia,and Washington, D.C. were all important in establishing the current currency system.

Who established Delhi as an important country?

Nobody established Delhi as a country. It has been a capital city of many different kingdoms and empires, but never a country in it's own right.

Difference between real executive and Nominal executive?

nominal executive a person who heads the executive branch but does not have the power to execute major and important decisions. normally a king. real executive a leader who holds real power. make a important decisions for the country. Prime Minister.

Why is fishing important to Washington?

it is important to the economy because it is 13% of washington state economy

What is an important characteristic of independent executive agencies?

All independent executive agencies are headed by one person

Why is it important that the Executive Branch enforces your laws?


The most important task of the executive branch is?