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"Buying is a personal investment while renting involves giving money to the landlord"

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Q: Ask us of the following best explains why buying a house is more beneficial than renting?
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Why is buying a house more beneficial than renting?

Buying is a personal investment while renting involves giving money to the landlord

Do renting and buying mean the same?


Which is much affordable, buying tool or renting tool?

Buying tools will allow you to use the tool at any time. Considering the rates for renting a tool, buying a tool will allow you to have flexibility in your purchase rather than renting everytime.

Which of the following best explains why people with higher incomes favor buying a home over rentingAsk us anything?

Buying is an investment but its also more expensive

How do you outline an essay on renting vs buying a house?

first is to create a simple slogan first about the comparison the follow it with this outline I-introduction (basically define the terms renting and buying house) II-Good points A. Advantage of Renting B. advantage of Buying III-Bad points A. Disadvantage of Renting B. disadvantage of Buying IV-Legal documents necessary for both

What are the advantages of renting commercial property over buying commercial property?

Renting commercial property versus buying it is going to be the most affordable route and thus the most profitable. If buying is an option, then of course it would be a good investment.

What is the cycle followed by the housing market?

The cycle is a way people use before buying a home or renting one.the cycle is something that people are use to using to help them out in buying or renting.

What are the prime reasons for buying a house?

A person is in need of buying a house because of the following common reasons -he is tired of renting -he already affords it as the current market value is good -he wanted to build a family and live on their own -he wanted it as an investment

What is the difference between renting a property and having a mortgage?

The difference between renting a property and having a mortgage is that when you have a mortgage you are buying the property.

Where can you play Pokemon gold online with out downloading renting or buying?

How can I compare the cost of renting or buying mining equipment?

Most computers come equipped with excel, a program that is quite easy to use that will help you determine the long-term cost of renting versus buying.

What would be your thesis statement on buying a home is better then renting?

i would start by making a list of the pros and cons of both buying and renting ones you have a list it would be easier to see what the focus of you paragraph would be.