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Q: What Buying cars and eating food?
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What are five warning signs for obesity?

Cloths don't fit, always buying food, always eating food, frequent bowel movements, you're fat..

What is the moral choice when buying chocolate?

Morality doesn't generally play into food choices, unless you are eating something that was once alive.

What is a short-term food sulpy?

it is when you find a short term solution for eating like going to a restraint instead of buying groceries.

Are the used cars on Monroe in L.A. a good place to purchase used cars?

Buying used cars in Monroe L.A is about the same as buying used cars anywhere,if it local to you then give it a go.

How do consumers get the food they need to maintain life?

How Does A consumer Get its Energy: by eating.We get energy by eating food.

How do you lose weight in two hours?

Eat and drink food slowly, calmly and happily check the sugars and sweetness in foods before buying or eating enjoy your food kids

How should you get your roommates to stop eating your food if you've already asked nicely?

I used to colour my milk with green food dye. stop buying food or buy AA fridge and put a lock on it.

Do car dealerships sell rental cars?

No they do not because they are meant for buying cars not renting cars

Is it cheaper buying a car in California or Nevada?

It all depends on the cars conditions and who you are buying it from.

How does a family's discretionary income impact their eating habits?

Anyone who has financial sense, adjusts his eating habits to his income. One has to eat, but one with little discretionary income can spend less on food, by eating out less often, buying produce only in season, eating cheaper cuts of meat and buying chicken instead of beef, using coupons and watching for sales and loss-leader offers.

Is buying and eating a global phenomenon?


How do you stop eating oatibix?

stop buying it.