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When soldiers dropped food and things like that, that would attract rats. The rats started living in the trenches in small holes and things like that. As they multiplied they became bolder and started eating while men were around. This is the gross bit. The rats became so big they started eating corpses of men!

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Many dead bodys were on no-mans land which attracted the rats. Soldiers,when they were bored, used to tease the rats with food and then kill them

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Q: Why were rats such a problem in summer in the trenches?
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Why were summer rats such a problem in the treenches?

beecose if dey were umgwy da soldurgs atee rats

Why were rats a problem in summer in world war 1?

Because the soldier's corpses were covered in rats - so they smelt very bad, along with the temperature affecting the smell too. And also because the rats breed the most in the summer - so the trenches were rat infested.

Rats in the trenches?

Rats are Vermin creatures, who feed of the dead bodies of people who have died in war. Dead bodies in the trenches had to be taken far away to stop the rats coming to the trenches. All the soldiers hated the rats and used to beat them with spades for entertainment.

Was there donkeys in the trenches?

No, there were no donkeys in the trenches what so ever. Only men and rats.

What did they eat in the trenches in ww1?

rats and dead bodies

What problems men faced whilst in trenches World War 1?

There were usually rats and lice in the trenches.

What are trenches in the war?

Trenches were long, narrow holes in the ground used to shelter soldiers in between the battles. These trenches were full of lice, rats and mud.

Did the rats in the trenches carry diseases?

weil's disease, plague

What animals and bugs infested the trenches?

lice and rats

What Creatures that filled in the trenches better than the soldiers in WW1?


What was there conditions in trenches?

The trenches were Dirty, smelly, horrible places. You had other peoples corpses (dead bodies) everywhere. And there were also rats :(

What was it like to go to battle in the trenches?

It probably sucked...they were in trenches...and trenches collect water...people in the trenches were at risk of getting trench foot...and there were trench rats too....try sleeping in a cold damp muddy hole :)