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The greatest killer of troops during WW1 was the flu virus, not military action.

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Q: What caused the deaths of millions of men in the trenches?
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Why were rats such a problem in summer in the trenches?

When soldiers dropped food and things like that, that would attract rats. The rats started living in the trenches in small holes and things like that. As they multiplied they became bolder and started eating while men were around. This is the gross bit. The rats became so big they started eating corpses of men!

How many Confederate soldiers were killed in the Civil War?

Estimates for the total number of American deaths from the Civil War vary but generally accepted figures fall between 600,000 and 720,000. '''The Confederate strength in total was estimated to be between 750,000 to 1,250,000. and of those approximately 258,000 men died, 94,000 in battle and 164,000 from disease and infection.'''

What caused the five day riots in Cincinnati in 1841?

The Cincinnati riots of 1841 was caused by a summer-long drought that left many people unemployed since they depended on the river. Furthermore, Cincinnati was a highly segregated place; out of resentment, on August 1st, unemployed Irishmen attacked a group of black men which ignited the riot.

5 Which problem caused Congress to stop issuing paper money?

When studying history, it is important to understand the reasoning behind the choices of the men in offices. Congress stopped issuing paper money because of the problem with inflation.

How would you characterize the Western Front?

The best comparison I've heard of has been "a moonscape". Trenches were cut into what was once farmland and tracked all the way from the Swiss border up to the Belgian coast. There were forts around Verdun. So many tonnes of shells (millions and millions of them) had fallen that the water-table was destroyed and there was mud everywhere in many places especially at Passchendaele and around Ypres. Barbed wire curled around the parapets and dead bodies and rats littered No Mans Land. Behind the lines were towns that had been destroyed or partially destroyed by shellfire. Everywhere there were soldiers moving around repairing roads. There were lots of horses towing artillery guns and mules carrying ammunition, their carcasses littered the roadsides where shrapnel hit and killed them. In short, an utter Hell-hole.

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What was shelling in World War 1?

during ww1 men in trenches would call a barouge of cannon fire shelling

What cons are there for the Canadian railway?

it caused many deaths of people mostly men in the building the C.P.R.

How many deaths are caused by cancer?

1,529,560 men and women will be diagnosed with some sort of cancer and around 569,490 men and women will die.

Why did men suffer from trenches foot in the World War 1?

Because of all the wet mud. The soldiers got trenchfoot because the trenches were covered in mud. The soldiers had to stand in the mud for days on end! The mud is what caused it!

Was there donkeys in the trenches?

No, there were no donkeys in the trenches what so ever. Only men and rats.

How many men died in the trenches of World War I?

Over 200,000 men died in the trenches of World War 1.

What happened to the Australian troops at Gallipoli in World War 1?

Thousands of men died in trenches Thousands of men died in trenches

Did men play sport in the trenches?


What problems men faced whilst in trenches World War 1?

There were usually rats and lice in the trenches.

How many men slept in a dugout in the trenches?

There were typically 5 men to a dugout

Why were lice such a problem for the men in the trenches?

They itched terribly.

If 3 men can dig 6 trenches in 4 days how many days would it take for 4 men to dig 24 trenches?

3 men dig 6 trenches in 4 days==> each man digs (6/3) = 2 trenches in 4 days==> each man digs (4/2) = 1/2 trench per day.==> Given 4 men, you get (4 x 1/2) = 2 trenches per day.==> It takes them (24/2) = 12 days to dig 24 trenches.