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the Connecticut Compromise a.k.a the Great Compromise

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Q: At the constitutional convention an agreement was made for two parts to the legislative branch this agreement is called?
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The most controversial issue at the Constitutional Convention was?

At the Constitutional Convention, the most significant disagreement dealt with the issue of representation in the legislature. The convention was held in 1787.

Who drafted the the Virginia plan?

The Virginia Plan, which was a proposal for a bicameral legislative branch, was drafted by James Madison for the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

How can the judicial branch check legislative branch?

check what they are doing is constitutional

Which branch of government decides if the law is constitutional?


Virginia Plan is a plan protected by delegates from Virginia at the constitutional convention called for a 3 branch government with a bicameral legislative in which each state's ........ True Or False?


How can the legislative branch check the judical?

By authoring a constitutional amendment

Which branch of the central government decides if law is constitutional?


What branch is responsible for making laws?

The Legislative Branch has the power to pass laws. The Executive Branch can veto laws, and the Judicial Branch can check laws to make sure that they are constitutional (and can end them if they are not).

What branch of government is given constitutional responsibility for the regulations of trade under the is constitution?

legislative branch

Does the legislative branch of government decide if the laws are constitutional?

No, the constitutionality of laws is the job of the judicial branch.

In the UK what branch of government decides whether a law is constitutional?


Does legislative branch decide if laws are constitution?

The legislative branch comes up with bills(ideas that they hope to become laws) The executive branch approves the bills and the Judicial branch decides if they are constitutional.