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The average petrol price in 1950 in UK was about $36 per gallon. However, the prices have kept fluctuating over the years but there has been a significant price of the same.

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9,731 petrol stations The price of Reg. gas in NY was 25 cents a gal. I was there!

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Q: Average petrol price 1950 UK
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How much was petrol in UK in1989?

Average price was about £1.75 per gallon.

What is the average gas price in the UK?

About £1.35 for a litre of petrol, over £1.40 per litre of diesel.

What was the cost of living in 1975 in the UK?

interest rates 11.25% inflation was 24.02% petrol per gallon was 0.72 p average price of house was 11, 787 £

Does the price of oil affect the price of petrol?

Yes, petrol prices will move slightly to reflect the oil price, although in the UK the the oil cost is a very small part of the price per litre, tax and fuel duty makes up the majority of the cost. Also as petrol if produced through fractal distillation (separation of crude oil) the price of petrol is most likely to increase slightly through the price of oil.

How much does it cost to get unleaded petrol from Shell?

That depends on which country you are buying the petrol, in the UK the price per litre is currently £1.03 (27th Aug 09)

What is the price of unleaded in the UK per gallon?

It varies depending on how far the petrol station is from the refinery and from other competing petrol stations, but the cheapest is around £1.16 a litre (£5.28 per UK gallon - around $10.50).

What is the petrol price in UK?

£1.23 per litre at the local supermarket at the moment anyway 29/may/2011

What is the average price for one acre of farmland in the UK?

The average price for one acre of farmland in the UK was around 2,000 pounds. During the end of 2012 the price for an acre of farmland in the UK raised to around 6,700 pounds.

UK forecourt unleaded petrol price 2000-2008?

You can find the prices here

Why did the petrol prices come up?

The price of fuel went up in the UK due to a 2p tax per litre.

What was the price of unleaded fuel in 1993?

I passed my driving test in 1993, and in the UK I distinctly remember the price of unleaded petrol around 44 - 46p! Its trippled since!!

How petrol is left in petrol tank when light comes on?

enough petrol to get you to a petrol garage anywhere in the UK