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The UK government, or parliament, makes such decisions.

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The Prime Minister chooses his or her cabinet ministers.

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Q: Who chooses the cabinet of ministers on UK?
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Who choose the cabinet of ministers?

In the United States, there are two separate functions here which answer the question.Congress defines what seats are part of the cabinet (that is, they define the structure of the Cabinet). This has changed over time as Congress redefines where various departments and agencies fit within the federal hierarchy.After the structure of the Cabinet is set, the President then nominates individuals for each position. Each individual must be confirmed (by a simple majority vote) by the Senate before assuming the post.

What are the prime ministers group of senior minister called?

Cabinet Ministers

What are Canadian cabinet members called?

Members of the Canadian Cabinet are called Cabinet ministers (not all ministers necessarily sit in Cabinet).

How many cabinet ministers are there in Canada in 2007?

The 28th Ministry consisted of thirty-two (32) ministers. Of these, twenty-seven (27) ministers were members of Cabinet. (The Secretaries of State served as ministers, but were not members of Cabinet.)

When did Cabinet of Ministers - Soviet Union - end?

Cabinet of Ministers - Soviet Union - ended in 1991.

When was Cabinet of Ministers - Soviet Union - created?

Cabinet of Ministers - Soviet Union - was created in 1991.

What is the Cabinet Ministers responsibilities?

cabinet ministers are responsible for departments such as health, education, etc.

Who Were the Cabinet ministers of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru?

List of 1st cabinet ministers of free inida

Are Cabinet Ministers elected or appointed?

Cabinet Ministers are primarily elected as Members of Parliament, and subsequently appointed by the Prime Minister as members of the cabinet.

How many cabinet ministers are there in Alberta?

There are 18 ministers in the Cabinet of Saskatchewan.

What is a collective noun for ministers?

I am asking from you

What does a cabinet consist of?

the union cabinet of U.A.E consists of the prime minister, the deputy minister and a number of ministers. the first union cabinet consisted of 12 ministers. But I don't know how many ministers it consists of today