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This job or opportunity goes to the President of the United States.

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The president chooses his cabinet member and the senate confirms them.

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Q: Who chooses cabinet members?
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Can president select all members of the cabinet?

The President of the United States chooses all members of the Cabinet. They must, however, be approved by the US Senate.

Who makes the appointments to the presidents cabinet?

The President chooses the cabinet members and his selection must be confirmed by the US Senate before they take effect.

Who seeks advice from members of the cabinet?

The president seeks advice from his cabinet members, that's why he chooses them. He needs help making decisions that are too difficult for one man to accomplish by himself.

What is the term of office for the cabinet member?

Cabinet members do not serve a fixed term. They serve at the will of the President and appointment expires if the President leaves office, but they can be re-appointed if the President so chooses.

Who chooses the cabinet of ministers on UK?

The UK government, or parliament, makes such decisions.

Who chooses a leader in Canada?

The Prime Minister chooses the cabinet in Canada.

Who elects the cabinet?

The U.S. President's Cabinet has no elected positions, so no one elects them. The President appoints them based on his own reasons regarding their areas of expertise or career/personal history. The Cabinet is truly the President's "team." Their chief duty is to advise the President, however they have many other duties as well.

Who are Jimmy Carter's cabinet members?

Who were Jimmy Carter's cabinet members

What are Canadian cabinet members called?

Members of the Canadian Cabinet are called Cabinet ministers (not all ministers necessarily sit in Cabinet).

How many people are currently in the obama cabinet?

There are currently 15. The president chooses which cabinet member's her prefers.

What is the title of cabinet members of Canada?

it is the i don't know title for the cabinet members

Chester a Arthur's cabinet members?

who was chesters key members of hid cabinet