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yes, the president appoints the cabinet and the senate aproves it

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Yes, subject to Senate confirmation, the President chooses his cabinet.

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Q: Does the president appoint cabinet
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Who appoint cabinet?

The executive appoints such, as they report to him. In the United States, this is the President.

Does the US Supreme Court appoint members of the President's cabinet?


What does the president appoint?

The President of the United States has the power to appoint many different offices. These include federal judges, ambassadors, cabinet officers, and military leaders.

Which feature of the Washington administration was not derived from the Constitution?

The president shall appoint his cabinet.

Does the Cabinet appoint members of the US Supreme Court?

just the president himself

What all can the president appoint?

The president appoints federal judges, ambassadors, cabinet members and various "czars".

Who was the second president to appoint a woman to his cabinet?

The second female cabinet appointment came from President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953 when he appointed Oveta Culp Hobby the Secretary of Helth, Education and Welfare. The first President to appoint a woman was Franklin Roosevelt (Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, 1933).

Does the US president have cabinets that help him governs?

Yes- they appoint a cabinet of 15 to run the 15 departments.

How does the president nominate a cabinet?

A cabinet position is not an official position in government -- there is no constitutional amendment or law requiring or prohibiting a cabinet. Therefore, the President of the United States may appoint or fire any member of his cabinet that he sees fit. The President may also create new cabinet positions or destroy positions at his sole discretion. The President may also choose to have no cabinet at all. In short, the President appoints a person to be in his cabinet, and that person is in.

How does the legislative branch limit or check the president's powers to appoint people to his cabinet?

because the president almost always needs approval from the senate.

Can the president appoint the vice president?

No, a governor is the only official who can appoint a senator for his/her state.

Does the president appoint the members of the Executive Office?

Yes - these are mostly the cabinet members. Senate approval of the appointments is required.