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Q: Does the US Supreme Court appoint members of the President's cabinet?
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Does the Cabinet appoint members of the US Supreme Court?

just the president himself

What are 3 types of jobs that the president has the power to appoint?

2 of them are ambassador, cabinet officers, and the last one i forgot. =-) ♥ =-)

Which branch of government can appoint cabinet members?

The Executive branch.

Can members of the president's cabinet be from either party republican or democrat?

yes. In fact, it is not unusual for recent presidents to appoint someone with experience in the administration of a past president from the other party.

What is the presidents appointing power?

The president has the power to nominate or appoint judges, ambassadors, cabinet members and other high ranking officials., subject to approval or confirmation by the US Senate.

Who can appoint members to the Supreme Court?

President nominates, Congress confirms.

Does the president appoint the members of the Executive Office?

Yes - these are mostly the cabinet members. Senate approval of the appointments is required.

How is the presidents cabinet selected?

Presidential Cabinet members are appointed by the president with approval of the US Senate.

Do most members of the cabinet come from the presidents political party?

Yes, as a rule.

What US governmental body confirms a presidents nominations for Cabinet members?


What all can the president appoint?

The president appoints federal judges, ambassadors, cabinet members and various "czars".

Power of president to consult Supreme Court?

The power of the President is not only to consult the Supreme Court but also to appoint members of the court.