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They serve at the pleasure of the President. He can dismiss them at any time. Cabinet members do not have term limits

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Q: What is the length of a term in the presidents cabinet?
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How many years is a one term of office for the presidents cabinet?

4 years

How long is Presidents term?

The length of a term for the President of the United States is four years. A president may one serve two terms in his lifetime.

What is the justification for the presidents cabinet?

The cabinet positions are established by the US Congress.

What is the presidents cabinet salary?


Who is the presidents main helper?


What is branch Member of this are appointed by the presidents?

His cabinet

Money is coined by the order of who?

the presidents cabinet

Who makes up the federal cabinet?

us presidents make up the federal cabinet

What is the length of a federal judge's term in office?

Federal judges are appointed to the bench by U.S. Presidents. The term would be until retirement or death.

What presidents cabinet was known as the kitchen cabinet?

Andrew Jackson had a group of confidants and advisers that were not cabinet secretaries so people called them his kitchen cabinet.

Is secretary of state apart of the presidents cabinet?

Yes the Secretary of State is apart of the Presidential Cabinet.

What is is the presidents cabinet?

The President's Cabinet is a number of advisers who head executive departments, such as defense and treasury.