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His cabinet.

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Q: What group is known as the presidents regular advisors?
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Andrew jackson's group of unoffical advisors who met with him at the white house were known as the?

Jackson's unofficial advisors were known as: "the Kitchen Cabinet".

George Washington created a group of advisors to help him implement policy This became known as?


Which of the presidents closest political advisors is the most powerful?

For purely political advice, presidents mostly rely on their White House staff. There is a position known as senior advisor which David Axelrod holds in the Obama White House. Congressional leaders from his party may be helpful as well.

Egytian presidents are?

Egyptian presidents are known as pharaohs.

What presidents cabinet was known as the kitchen cabinet?

Andrew Jackson had a group of confidants and advisers that were not cabinet secretaries so people called them his kitchen cabinet.

Close advisors to Franklin D. Roosevelt were called what?

His advisers were known as the "brain trust".

What Wisconsin river is known as the river of presidents because of all the presidents that fished there?

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Which countries fought in the South African Border War?

South Africa, South West Africa, Rhodesia. (as they were then known). Namibia, Zimbabwe, Russia (advisors), Cuba, China (advisors)(to little extent), Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania. I also believe that Vietnam sent "advisors".

What is the purpose of Presidents' Day?

Presidents' Day (officially known as "Washington's Birthday", but also known as "President's Day" and "Presidents Day") commemorates the accomplishments of the various Presidents of the United States.It mostly honors presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Which group favorite the ratification of Constitution?

The Federalist favored ratification of the newly drafted Constitution. Those that opposed the United States Constitution were known as the Anti-Federalist.

When did Presidents' Day start?

Originally Presidents' Day was known as Washington's Birthday. It was declared a federal holiday by Congress in 1880. Washington's Birthday became known popularly as Presidents' Day in the 1980s, but it was never changed on a Federal level.

What were the first five presidents known as?

The Virginia Dynasty