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Jimmy Carter and William McKinley were especially noted for their regular attendance at church.

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Jimmy Carter was probably the most faithful in church attendance among our more recent presidents.

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Q: Who are the us presidents that attended church regularly?
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Who was the first US president who was a Christian?

That would be George Washington. He regularly attended church throughout his life.

What church across the street from the park of the white house?

St. John's Episcopal is the old church just north of the White House and attended by many of the US Presidents.

Did the us presidents attend public school?

Some Presidents did but some attended private

How many US Presidents attended Georgetown University?

2 Presidents have attended G-town. 1) Lyndon B. Johnson and 2) Bill Clinton

How many presidents have attended royal weddings?

US presidents don't care about a royal wedding. They have more important things to do then go to a "royal" wedding for an inferior country

How many US presidents attended public school?

Many of the U.S. presidents did attend public school. Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Nixon, Clinton, and Eisenhower were some of the presidents that received educations from a public schools.

Which president went to mandala's funeral?

There were several presidents that went to Nelson Mandela's funeral. President Obama from the US attended.

What US presidents were leaders in their church?

Many presidents have been leaders in churches in different capacities. James Garfield was a pastor of a church after the Civil War. Jimmy Carter teaches a Sunday School class in his church in Georgia.

Why are most US presidents protestants?

The majority of people in the US are either Protestant Christians or else are not members of any church.

Did all the US president have a college degree?

No, many did not, especially some of the earlier presidents, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; a few of the later presidents like Grover Cleveland and Harry Truman also did not complete a college degree. I enclose a link to which schools were attended by which presidents.

What church did Harry Truman attend?

Harry S Truman was 33rd Us president. He was born and bred in Missouri. He was a Christian and attended Presbyterian church and was initially schooled at a church school till age of eight.

What event did 5 US presidents attend at the same time?

There were two events that 5 US presidents attended at the same time. The first one is the opening of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on November 4, 1991. This was also the first time in history that there were 5 presidents together at an event. The presidents were: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and the senior Bush. The second time was at the funeral of Richard Nixon on April 27, 1994. The presidents there were: Ford, Carter, Reagan, the senior Bush, and Clinton.