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West Point

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Q: Benedict Arnold offered to surrender what to the British?
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Where did Benedict Arnold plan to surrender?

Benedict Arnold planned to surrender West Point (located in New York) to the British.

What did Benedict Arnold offer to surrender to the British?

West Point

What American hero became a traitor to his country by trying to surrender a fort to the British?

Benedict Arnold

Who was the British spy who got hung who met Benedict Arnold?

The name of the British spy that was hung for his involvement with Benedict Arnold was John Andre. Together, they were conspiring to surrender West Point and let it fall into British hands.

Who was the man that betrayed the Americans to the British?

Benedict Arnold, He became Commander of the West Point fort in New York, and offered to surrender it to the British. After the plot came to light, in September 1780, Arnold joined the British Army as a brigadier general, with a sizable pension and £6,000 signing bonus.

What fort did Benedict Arnold want give to the british?

Benedict Arnold gave Fort Ticonderoga to the British.

What American officer's name is now synonymous with traitor after he plotted to surrender the fortifications at West Point to the British?

General Benedict Arnold.

Who was the general that failed to surrender to the British at West point?

At the Battle of West Point, Georgia, April 16th 1865, the Confederate general did not surrender. This was Brigadier General Robert C. Tyler, CSA. During the American Revolution, General Benedict Arnold of the Continental Army was thwarted in a plot to give up West Point, New York in 1780.

Who did Benedict Arnold help?

The British.

How did Benedict Arnold help the British?

He was a spy for the British.

Who was the American general who agreed to surrender west point?

Benedict Arnold

Which American hero committed treason against America and joined the british?

Benedict Arnold