Berlin airlift 1948

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i believe the Berlin airlifts were a part of the marshall plan to help Europe recover from WW2. I wont go too into it, but the reason the USA did this was because in WW1, Germany was in debt because of paying reparations of war, damaged factories, and hungry people who were battered from war. this allowed Hiter to gain control of Germany....and the rest is history. anyways, the Berlin airlifts were when planes from the US or United nations flew over East Germany to supply the soviet controled Germans with food and supplies to live everyday lives. (soviets were controling what people in E Germany had)

kids got candy, America was heroes. yada yada yada

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Q: Berlin airlift 1948
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What happened to the Berlin blockade in 1948?

The Berlin Airlift

What is the population of Berlin during the Berlin Airlift-Blockade?

The population of West Berlin at the time of the blockade and airlift (1948-49) was about 2 million.

What were obstacles for the berlin airlift of 1948?

The Berlin Blockade (Airlift) lasted from June 1948 till May 1949. After the end of the blockade the allies continued to airlift essentials into West Berlin to order to have a stockpile, just in case the blockade was renewed (which didn't happen).

What was it called when the Soviets blocked the Allies' access to Berlin and the US had to airlift in supplies?

It was called the Berlin Blockade (June 1948 to May 1949) and the supply operation was known as the Berlin Airlift (June 1948 to September 1949).

Was the Berlin airlift of 1948 successful?

Yes it was, See the link below

Which of they were obstacles for the Berlin airlift of 1948?

Continuing the transport through the summer

What event 1948-1949 is illustrated by the cartoon from US History?

A. Berlin Airlift

Harry Truman approved an airlift to this blockaded city in 1948?

Berlin was the site of an air-lift that alleviated the Soviet Blockade in 1948-1949.

The Berlin airlift was president trumanns response to what?

The Berlin Airlift was in reaction to the Berlin Blockade. The United States and allies delivered supplies to West Berlin.

When the US flew things into the capital of Germany?

The Berlin airlift (Berliner Luftbrücke) was in 1948-1949

What years did Berlin Airlift it take place?

June 27, 1948 through May 12,1949

The Berlin airlift was conducted in 1948 and 1949 in response to?

Soviet action barring road and rail traffic between Berlin and the West