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Apparently there was no relationship other than business woman to customer, and then only if you believe the story. She definitely made some of the earliest American flags, but there is no hard evidence that she made THE first one. This story was first told by her grandson 34 years after her death and 95 years after the creation of the flag.

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No she did not. First she married John Ross then he died .Then she married Joseph Aahburn. Then he died. Then she married John Claypoole. Then he died.

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Q: Betsy Ross relationship with George Washington?
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Was Betsy Ross honest?

Yes Betsy ross was honest! she had to be honest to make George Washington a flag

Who was the US president that was a friend of Betsy Ross and had frequently visited her home?

George Washington knew Betsy Ross.

Who asked Betsy ross to sew the American flag?

george ross George Washington Robert Morris

What general brought Betsy Ross a sketch of the flag?

George Washington

Who did Betsy ross show the flag to first?

the president George Washington

Who ask Betsy Ross to make the first American flag?

George Wasington

What date was it when Betsy Ross show George Washington the flag she made?

in 1777

Who was president when Betsy Ross sewed the flag?

George Washington. or maybe no one.

What church did Betsy Ross and George Washington attend?

they attended the CHRIST CHURCH

What 3 men met with Betsy Ross to ask her to sew the American Flag?

George Washington,george ross,and Robert Morris

Who asked Betsy ross to make the first flag?

George Washington asked Betsy to make the first Flag.

How dis Betsy Ross impact lives?

she created the American flag for George Washington and George loved it