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tera sar me paida hua tha

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Q: Birth place of ancient poet valmiki?
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Who was the first indion poet?

The first known Indian poet is believed to be Valmiki, who is also known as the author of the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana. He is considered the Adi Kavi, or the first poet, in Sanskrit literature.

Who is known as second valmiki?

Tulsidas is sometimes referred to as the "second Valmiki" because he was a renowned poet and saint in India who authored the epic Hindu text Ramcharitmanas, which narrates the life of Lord Rama. Valmiki is the original author of the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana.

What was the real name of Valmiki the original author of Ramayana?

The real name of Valmiki, the original author of the Ramayana, was Ratnakara. He was a sage who later transformed into a revered poet and sage after receiving a divine intervention.

Birth place and date of birth of candian poet marci ridlon?

June 13, 1595

Who is the first writer of Ramayana?

Valmiki - during Lord Rama's time, celebrated as the poet harbinger in Sanskrit literature.

Who has written ramayan?

The Ramayana was written by the sage Valmiki, who is also considered the Adi Kavi (the first poet) in Sanskrit literature. The Ramayana is one of the two major Hindu epics, the other being the Mahabharata.

Which poet is famous for writing the story of the Ramayana in Hindi naming it Ramacharitamans?

The poet who is famous for writing the story of the Ramayana in Hindi, naming it Ramacharitamanas, is Tulsidas. He composed this epic poem in the 16th century, and it is considered one of the greatest works of Hindi literature.

What is the birth name of Mikie Da Poet?

Mikie Da Poet's birth name is Michael Savoia.

Who is Homer an ancient greek poet?

Homer is an ancient greek poet who wrote to famous epics

Who is the most important ancient roman poet?

One very interesting poet it Virgil.

What is a woman poet called in ancient Greece?


How did Virgil make his living?

He was a Poet in ancient Rome