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William Shakespeare was the famous poet of all time. Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway on November 1583 and after 6 months of being married; Anne gave birth to Susana, their first child.

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Q: What was the name of shakespeares first child?
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What was Shakespeares 1st child called?

Her name was Susanna.

What is the name of Shakespeares secon child's name?

The second child born to the Shakespeare's was actually twins: Judith or Hamnet.

What is shakespeares first name?

William Shakespeare

What happend to john and Mary shakespeares first child joan?

She died as a baby before she was one.

Who was shakespeares favourite child?

Susanna was Shakespeare's favorite child.

What was Shakespeares youngest daughter name?

Hard to answer. You know why? His two youngest children were born on the same day, with no indication of which one came first: the boy, Hamnet, or the girl, Judith.

Was the large collection of plays published by shakespeares partners was called the first folio?

That's what it is called now. The name on the title page is "Mr William Shakespeares Comedies Histories & Tragedies".

What is the name of first edition of Shakespeares collected work?

It's called the First Folio, but it is only his collected plays. It does not include his poetry.

What is the name of shakespeares son?


What was the name of shakespeares theather?

the Globe

Name a character from Shakespeares play?


What was William shakespeares favorite name?