Who is ben franklins wife?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Ben Franklin only had one wife. Her maiden name was Deborah Read.

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He married his first wife, Anne Child, in about 1677.

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Q: Who is ben franklins wife?
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Who was Ben wife?

ben franklins wife was christan Taylor

What was Benjamin franklins second wife?

Ben Franklins wife was Deborah Read Rogers.

Who where Benjamin Franklins important family members?

Ben Franklins important family members were Dev Franklin (his wife) and George Franklin (his son).

What were ben Franklins interests?

ben franklins interests were reading science and experiments.

What where ben Franklins political issues?

what was Ben Franklins attitude toward the new constitution

What is Ben Franklin skills?

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How did Ben Franklins wife help him with all the things he had to do?

She didn't . He never was home and for 10 years they didn't see each other.

What was ben franklins main achievements?

you tell me

What was Ben Franklins childhood?

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Who was bejamin franklins wife?

His wife was Deborah Reed

What was ben Franklins second invention?

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