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The Potomac River

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Q: Body of water between Virginia and Washington DC?
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What body of water borders Washington DC?

There are lots of waterways in the District of Columbia. The Potomac River is the main body of water there; however, there are many tributaries. The Anacostia River, The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and Rock Creek flows into the Potomac. These bodies are in D.C. proper but there are many water ways from the surrounding states that flow into the Potomac.And bye the way i am doing a project on the washington monument haha.=)

Which is an example of a state government body?

Virginia General Assembly

Where did President George Washington die?

Washington's DeathGeorge Washington died in his bed, at his home Mount Vernon, which is in Alexandria, Virginia, where he is also buried. Washington preferred to spend his last years in happy retirement at Mount Vernon, Virginia. In mid-December, Washington contracted what was probably quinsy or throat infection and died at his estate on Dec. 14, 1799.The bed he died in was later in a bedroom at Arlington, an upstairs bedroom at Arlington, the home of George Washington Custis. Arlington later was inherited by Mary Custis Lee, the only child to grow to adulthood. Arlington was seized by the Union at the beginning of the Civil War and was made a cemetery for Union soldiers.

Where is George Washington's dead body?

No Yes, the bodies of the entire Washington family were moved because where they were kept flooding. They are still on Mt. Vernon, but on higher ground.

Why is the house of burgesses important to the usa government today?

represenative democrcy The House of Burgesse a representative government in Virginia. There were 22 members. One of them was the governor of Virginia. The governor appointed s…

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What body of water is between Virginia and Washington d.c.?

The Potomac River

What is the body of water is in Seattle Washington?

Lake Washington is the largest body of water located in Seattle Washington

What are the seven largest bodies of water in Virginia?

The largest body of water bordering Virginia is the Atlantic Ocean, and the largest body of water within Virginia is the Delmarva Penninsula.

What large body of water provide transportation links between Virginia and other places?

The Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the body of water between the Lincoln memorial and the Washington monument?

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is the man-made body of water to the west of the Washington Monument. Construction began in 1922 and was completed in 1923.

What body of water reaches northwestern Washington?

the biggest body of water is Brandon

Were does George Washington live now?

He doesn't live anywhere. His body is buried in Mount Vernon, Virginia.

What is the major body of water in West Virginia?

new river gorge

Is there a body of water named after James Monroe in Virginia?

Lake Monroe

Are there two octopi in the lake of the Washington Monument?

No, there are no octopi in the water near the Washington Monument. The nearby water body is a reflecting pool, not a lake.

What is the name of the large body of water that Virginia shares with Maryland?

The Chesapeake Bay.

What body of water borders the Western Lowland in Washington state?