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There are lots of waterways in the District of Columbia. The Potomac River is the main body of water there; however, there are many tributaries. The Anacostia River, The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and Rock Creek flows into the Potomac. These bodies are in D.C. proper but there are many water ways from the surrounding states that flow into the Potomac.And bye the way i am doing a project on the washington monument haha.=)

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Q: What body of water borders Washington DC?
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Which state borders Washington D.C. on the north?

Maryland. Montgomery County borders DC on the North and Northeast. PG County borders DC on the east and southeast.

What state borders Washington D.C. on the east?

The US state of Maryland borders Washington DC on the east.

Body of water between Virginia and Washington DC?

The Potomac River

Washington DC borders which other state?

Virginia and Maryland.

Which state surrounds Washington DC on three sides?

Yes. The Potomac river borders the other part of Washington DC.

What body of water forms Washington's western boundary?

Washington DC the Potomac river. Washington state the Pacific Ocean.

Are there any large bodies of water in Washington D.C.?

No there are not. Washington DC is about 68 square miles, and the largest body of water is a water reservoir. The Potomac River forms one of the boundries of the City.

Through which body of water did the british sail in order to reach Washington dc?

Atlantic Ocean !

What state borders Washington State and Oregon in the east?

The state that border Washington (not Washington, DC) and Oregon to the east is the great state of Idaho.

How many towns are in Washington?

The entire District of Columbia is a single city (Washington) with one municipal government; there are no towns in the district.

Is Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C.?

No, it is in Arlington VA. The cemetery is only a few hundred yards from the Potomac River, which borders Washington DC.

Miles from Maryland to Washington D.C.?

Maryland borders Washington DC, so this question depends on where you are in Maryland. It could be several miles or no distance at all.