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Q: Briefly describe how the automobile evolved from the bicycle.?
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How has the automobile evolved?

someone once farted on a steering wheel and they accedinatly pooped on it so that's how the automobile has evolved

What was the basic invention that evolved into the modern automobile?

It was the invention and development of the internal combustion engine, fuelled by petrol or diesel.

When does may's torchic evolve?

Well, I have a Torchic, and it evolved into Combusken at level 16. By the time you battle May on the low road beneath the bicycle path just outside of Mauville, it should have evolved already.

How has the automobile evolved today?

going green, making different models, and having different types (steam, oil, electric, etc.)

What is the term used to describe plants that have evolved to attract pollinators?

Tally 9 no name fron printing

Describe margulis' theory about the evolution of protists?

Margulis hypothesized that the first Eukaryota evolved from a symbiosis of several cells.

When was the ARTBA founded?

Road and highway builders organized an association in 1902 that represented them as an industry. It evolved from a bicycle group founded 22 years earlier called the League of American Wheelmen

Who invented the adjective?

Nobody invented it. Adjectives are just what we call the words we use to describe things. They evolved naturally along with our language.

What does Audi's four circles mean?

The four rings stand for the amalgamation of four Automobile manufacturers, founded in 1932 and established in 1936 in Saxony, during the Great Depression. The company has evolved into present day as a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

Which of Ash's Pokemon evolve?

Ash's Pokémon that evolved are his Caterpie which evolved into Metapod and then into Butterfree, Charmander who evolved into Charmeleon and then into Charizard, Krabby which evolved into Kingler, Pidgeotto which evolved into Pidgeot, Chikorita which evolved into Bayleef, Treecko evolved into Grovyle and then into Sceptile, Taillow which evolved into Swellow, Snorunt which evolved into Glalie, Phanpy evolved into Donphan, Starly which evolved into Staravia and then into Staraptor, Gligar evolved into Gliscor, Turtwig evolved into Grotle and Chimchar evolved into Monferno. and infernape

What did electric guitars evolved from?

they evolved from the acoustic guitar which evolved from the lute which evolved from the harp i believe.

Was skating evolved or invented?

It evolved.