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French and British in 1776.

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Q: British divide former french colony
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Was Nigeria a former french colony?

No, Nigeria was a British colony. Niger, on the other hand, was a French colony.

Why are Guyana Suriname and French guiana all separate countries?

Guyana is a former British colony, Suriname was a Dutch colony, French Guiana was a French colony now incorporated in France. Each of the ruling countries imposed its own language on its possession and the locals did not ask for or look for a merge with his neighbours.

What is the former french colony on the South American continent?

French Guiana

Why do mauritian people speak french?

It's a former French colony.

Why did the french take over Vietnam?

Indochina was a former French colony that had been dominated by Japanese force of arms and the French sought to reestablish control over it's former colony .

What is French Sudan today?

The former colony of French Sudan (in French: le Soudan fran

Which former french colony was Nova Scotia?


Who is the former colonizer of Morocco?

Morocco was a French colony.

Is the Ivory Coast a former French colony?

Yes Ivory Coast is a former French colony together with Burkina Faso, Niger, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Mali ...

Is the Republic of Guinea a French or Portuguese colony?

The Republic of Guinea is not a colony; it is an independent country. It is is FORMER French colony, but it has been independent since 1958.

In what South American country is the official language not Spanish?

Many South Americans speak Spanish but four countries do not speak Spanish as their primary language. Brazil - Portuguese Suriname - Dutch/English Guyana - English/Dutch French Guiana - French The nations of Suriname (Dutch Guiana) and Guyana (British Guiana) have large Spanish-speaking populations. French Guiana is an overseas department, therefore considered part of France.

What is the Former french colony of north western Africa?