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Redcoats or lobsterback.

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Q: British soldiers were also called
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What did the patriots do to the British to insult them?

the patriots touched the britsh soldiers uniform without asking, as this was an insult to british soldiers! British soldiers were called Lobster-backs as this was a curse to insult them even more.Patriots would also throw objects to hurt the british!

What did the british call the bostonians?

British soldiers were called Red Coats by the Bostonians. They were also called Red Coats by most other people who were not loyal to the British Crown.

Colonist refer to the British soldiers as what?

"Redcoats" or by the rebels they were called "lobsterbacks." also 'bloodybacks'

How else are British enlisted soldiers known?

British soldiers are sometimes called 'Tommies'.

What kind of soldiers fought in The Revolutionary War?

British and Americans mainly, but the British also got the German on their side ( the German soldiers were called Hessans)

What did colonists call British Soldiers?

The British soldiers were (aptly enough) called "redcoats".

What where British soldiers called during the revolutinary war?

British soldiers were called lobsterbacks don't forget red skins!

What was the name given to the British soldiers by the people of Boston?

The people of Boston (Aka the Patriots) had some pretty mean names for the British soldiers. They were called Redcoats due to their red uniforms, and Lobseterbacks because back then everyone hated lobsters and the uniforms were red. They also called them Regulars, Kings men, and other names still around today.

Were british soldiers called bloody backs?

Yes. They were also called lobster-backs, and redcoats. All these nicknames came from the bright red color of the British soldier's coats.

What nickname did the patriots give to the British soldiers is Minutemen?

British soldiers were also called lobsterbacks because of their red uniforms. Some patriots were known as minutemen because of how quickly the could prepare for battle.

Were the union soldiers or conferate soldiers ever called the redcoats?

No, that was in the Revolutionary War where the British were called Redcoats.

Who fought for the English king during the American revolution?

Redcoats(british), Hessians german soldiers also called mercenaries. These soldiers fought not out of loyalty but for pay