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the Bostonians hated the british soldiers because they kept on tormenting them

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Q: Why were the colinists British if they hated the British soldiers?
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Why did the british soldiers kill colonists in the Boston massacre?

Because the British soldiers hated the colonists' guts.

Many of the German hessian soldiers hired by king george III to fight for the british?

hated american revolutionariesand their cause2

Why did many American colinists oppose the british policy mercantilism?

It basically restricted trade

Why was the quartering act one of the hated of the British acts on the colonies?

You could be forced to leave your home so that soldiers could stay there.

Who watched plays in the 1600s?

soldiers hated elizabeth because she did not give them funds and they hated her because the soldiers were starving!?

Were loyalists allied with the British?

they were colinists who were still loyal to the king of briten. hence the title loyalists

Which Of The Month Is Hated By The Soldiers A What Is The Answer?

March, of course!

Who were the Nazis and how did they rule?

German soldiers lead by Hitler. The Nazis hated jews

Why did the colinists rebell against King George III?

Because King George was treating them so badly when he put taxes on the colinists and controlling the colinists.

What is a British soldiers?

The term British Soldiers applies to all soldier of the United Kingdom, and historically all soldiers of the British Empire.

What was the name given to the British soldiers by the people of Boston?

The people of Boston (Aka the Patriots) had some pretty mean names for the British soldiers. They were called Redcoats due to their red uniforms, and Lobseterbacks because back then everyone hated lobsters and the uniforms were red. They also called them Regulars, Kings men, and other names still around today.

Why did Jackson hate the British?

He hated the British because of his experiences during the revolution.