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Because King George was treating them so badly when he put taxes on the colinists and controlling the colinists.

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Q: Why did the colinists rebell against King George III?
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What was King George during the American Revolution?

George III was the king of England that the colonist revolted against.

Who was the English king that the Americans rebelled against?

The English king who the Americans rebelled against was King George III. He was the monarch during the American Revolutionary War and is often associated with the colonial protests and the Declaration of Independence.

What was the names of the Colinists that make up the Southern Colonies?

James O, and King Charles II.

Were loyalists allied with the British?

they were colinists who were still loyal to the king of briten. hence the title loyalists

What has the author George Farrol written?

George Farrol has written: 'The late rebellion against King George, worse than Absalom's against King David' -- subject(s): Bible, Jacobite Rebellion, 1715, Sermons

Who did Patrick Henry speak out against?

Patrick Henry spoke out against King George III.

Who did Thomas Jefferson claim wax responsible for the crimes against the colonies?

King George. Thomas Jefferson claimed that King George was a "tyrant".

Why was king george the 3 so upset with the colonies?

King George did not expect the Colonists to choose to rebel against his power and demand their freedom.

Why did King George call the colonists traitors?

they were revolting against his reign

Who did the rebels in the 17th century rebel against?

That would be king george the III

Who did Thomas Jefferson claim was responsible for the crimes against the colonies?

King George

Did England cause a threat to English colonies in 1750?

Yes. England did cause a threat to the colinists in the 1750's by taxing then to pay the cause of the French and Indian war. The taxing was called the stamp Act followed by King George the third.