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they were revolting against his reign

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Q: Why did King George call the colonists traitors?
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What did british call colonists to insult them?

Yankees ,patriots, traitors, rebels ,etc.

What did the British call the colonists to insult them?

Yankees ,patriots, traitors, rebels ,etc.

What caused colonists to call themselves patriots and loyalists?

Loyalists were loyal to King George and Britain while patriots wanted complete separation from the crown.

What did Great Britain call its traitors?

It depended on the era. For example, during World War II, the British referred to traitors and collaborators as "quislings." During the Revolutionary War, the American colonists fighting for independence were in fact still British, but the government called the ones who remained loyal to the King "loyalists" and the ones who wanted independence "rebels," which was not a word with positive connotations.

What does Jefferson call King George III?

A rascal!

What do you call the colonists that remain loyal to the King of England during the American Revolution?

Loyalists or Tories.

What did the British call the colonists?

solidersANSWER:Some of the names the British called the colonists would include: Patriots, traitors, disloyal, rebels (and yes, even soldiers).

Why was the declaration of independence a dangerous act?

British would call them traitors.

What did the rebels call people who remained loyal to England?


Why did the Revolutionary War happen?

The people of America were angry. The colonists did not like to pay high taxes to the King of England. They did not pay the taxes. The King of England sent an army to America. The army tried to make the colonists pay the taxes. The colonists wanted to be free from England. They started to fight the soldiers of the English army in 1775. The Americans started a war with England. We call it the Revolutionary War. George Washington was the leader of the American army. France helped the Americans during the War. The Americans won the war in 1783. They were free from England.

Where was King George I born?

King George I, who became King of Great Britain and Ireland on 1 August 1714, was born in Hanover. Hanover was at that time part of the Holy Roman Empire and is in what we now call Germany.

What do you call people who live in colonies?

They are colonists.