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Q: What nickname did George Washington call his wife Martha?
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By what nickname did George Washington call his wife Martha?


What did George Washington call Connecticut?

george washington called connecticut the _____ state

What did they call George Washington?

"Father of our country"

Who was the first lady of the US from 1787-1789?

You are asking about Martha Washington, the wife of America's first president, George Washington. But keep in mind that the term "first lady" is fairly modern-- back in the late 1700s, it was not being used. In fact, no-one was quite sure what to call the president's wife. Martha Washington was beloved by most Americans of that time, and they called her "Lady Washington," as if she were a member of British royalty (which she was not).

What do you still call George Washington?

"The Father of his country"

What state did George Washington call home?


What did George Washington call a glorious paradise?


Is Martha a nice name?

it is a lovely name. but hard to find a nickname or a shortened name or a surname/middle name. but i know a good nickname and that is Moo Moo or even Martie, Marthe. I wouldn't call my children Martha as they could probably be mocked by the kids at school. I can picture now little Martha coming home frome school, saying, 'The kids called me Martha Focker'.

Who do you call the men who lead the American revolution?

George Washington

What do you call a young person employed by congress?

George Washington

What did Alexander Hamilton call the first call George Washington?

Peatre Von Goate

Why did the people call George Washington the father of your country?

He is the first president.