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George Washington did not support Britain's taxation of the colonists. British imposed new taxes such as the Townshend Act, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, etc. to generate money to support it's economy which was weakened by the French and Indian War. Washington also believed in the right of independence. He was appointed the general of the continental army in the war against independence (Revolutionary War).

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He went to congress and told them he was the only one qualified to command American troops. I wouldn't call him a "hero", but he was the first president.

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Q: Why did George Washington become a rebel?
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How was George Washington as a Child?

He was a rebel. He even had 12 girlfriends and beat his mother

The signifiance of george Washington's refusal to become a king dictator?

George Washington refused to become a king dictator because he wanted his privacy. George Washington was the 1st president.

Did George Washington have to fill out a application to become president?

yes George Washington had to fill put an application to become president

When did George Washington rebel against British?

George Washington accepted the position of Commander in Chief on June 15, 1775. He had been a delegate to the Continental Congress since 1774.

Who was the war hero who would later become president?

George Washington

What year did George Washington become the king?

George Washington became the President of the United States, not its king.

On which date did George Washington become President?

George Washington was sworn in as President on the 30th April, 1789.

What year was George Washington appointed general of the revolutionary war?

what year did George Washington become govenor

In what year did George Washington become prsident?

George Washington became president on April 30th 1789.

When did George Washington become general?


What did George Washington become?

He became a president.

Who did not want to become president?

George Washington