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Yes, a member of congress can be arrested while driving to work. If the person is breaking the law, they are subject to the same laws as every other citizen in the US.

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Q: Can a member of congress be arrested while driving to work?
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A member of Congress cannot be arrested for speeding while going to a meeting of Congress.?


A member of Congress cannot be arrested for speeding while going to a meeting of Congress?


Can congress be arrested for serious crimes while Congress if you session?

While Congress is in session why can't they get arrested easily

Can a representative member be arrested for civil crimes while they are meeting at the house?


What three ways a congressman can be arrested while congress is in session?

A Congressman can be arrested for any crime he commits. The only immunity a Congressman has is freedom from arrest inside Congress or going to or coming from Congess if it is in session for charges other than treason, felony or breach of piece. So if there is a warrant out for his arrest he can stay in Congress while it is in session and be free from arrest. But the moment Congress adjourns he is fair game.

Members of Congress can be arrested for serious crimes while Congress is in session?

"Treason, felony, and breach of the peace."

What is the most common offense for which Americans are arrested?

Driving while Black.

What can happen when distracted while driving?

You could crash and die or be arrested

How bad texting while driving can be for you?

If you text while driving, you will be arrested or get in a crash and die! Also, texting sends toxic radio waves.

List two privileges of members of the United States congress?

they cannot be arrested when going to or from Congress, or while attending a session of Congress. A member cannot be sued or punished for anything s/he might say in Congress.

Who decides if someone is allowed to be a member of congress?

While there are basic qualifications to be in congress, the voters ultimately decde who becomes a member by electing them to office.

Why did brady from pair of kings get arrested?

He was drinking while he was driving and got pulled over