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Q: Cannot be arrested for civil crimes while they are meeting?
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Can a representative member be arrested for civil crimes while they are meeting at the house?


Can you get arrested for a civil warrant?

can you be arrested if you speak to your children if they no longer live with you <><><> IF you violate a court order in a civil matter, you can be arrested. That is contempt of court. But frankly, you need to talk with an attorney in your state, and not

Why don't people get arrested for illegal downloads?

"Illegal downloads" are a civil offense not a criminal offense. You cannot be arrested for committing a civil offense. However you can be brought to court and, if found guilty, fined heavily.

Can you get arrested for making a stop payment on a check in the state of Florida?

no a stop payment cannot be prosecuted criminally... it would be a civil matter

Can you be arrested when entering the US if you have outstanding debt?

No. Outstanding debt is a civil matter, not criminal. You can not be arrested for a civil matter.

Can you go to jail for owed rent?

Failing to pay your rent is a violation of civil law (i.e.: a contract) - you cannot be arrested for violation of a contract.

How many kids were arrested in the civil rights moment?

FIRST there were 973 kids arrested then there were 4,163 kids arrested

Can you be arrested in the state of Minnesota for a payday loan you took out 5 years ago?

In Minnesota, a payday loan is a civil matter, not a criminal one. You cannot be arrested for failing to pay it back. However, the lender may pursue legal action to collect the debt through civil court.

What are some war crimes in the Civil War?


What happens if a soldier get arrested?

Too broad a question to answer with any specifics. It depends on what he is arrested for - By whom he is arrested (civil or military authorities) - and where the arrest took place - by whom will he be prosecuted (civil or military court).

How many times was dr king arrested for participaiting in civil rights activities?

Dr. King was arrested 30 times for his participation in civil rights activities

What is civil court?

civil court is where lawsuits are heard as opposed to criminal court where crimes are heard.