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Theoretically, yes. Notaries have the authority to administer oaths within their state of commission. Since the president is always sworn in at the White House, only a Notary Public of the District of Colombia could swear him in.

The presidential oath has only been administered once by a notary, for Chester Arthur, by his father who was a notary public. However, there was some debate as to whether or not a state notary had the authority to swear in a federal official, and so the oath was readministered by the chief justice upon Chester Arthur's return to Washington.

So the issue has never been really established, but in theory, since a notary has authority to administer oaths within his or her state for any purpose, the president could be sworn in by a notary.

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Q: Can a notary public swear in a president?
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Who has the duty of swearing in the president?

Any public official such a notary or JP that is authorized to administer oaths could swear in the president in an emergency. By current custom, the chief justice of the US swears in the president under ordinary conditions.

What is the singular possessive of notary public?

The possessive form of the singular noun notary public is notary public's.example: This form requires a notary public's signature.

Can my wife with valid id swear to her husband's identity to satisfy a notary public that the husband is who she says he is?

While your wife can swear that your husband is who he says he is, in this particular state it will not be sufficient for the husband to swear to a document. This state's notary document has the requirement that the identification have a specific and unique number on it. A drivers license has such a number. A police ID has such a number. A passport has such a number. Start your search.

In Canada where can you find a notary public?

A law enforcement officer is a notary public.

What is abbreviation of notary public?

I do not believe that there is an accepted abbreviation for the designation of "Notary Public."

Can a notary public notarize a will?

If that accountant is also a notary public, then yes.

Was John Calvin Coolidge the only president to be sworn in by his father?

Yes, his dad being a Notary Public

In Canada who can sign as a notary public?

Only a notary public can sign. Often Lawyers are also Notary Publics as well.

Is a warranty deeds notary any different from a regular notary public?

There is no such thing as a "warranty deeds notary". A notary public in the U.S. can notarize any document.

Is a librarian a public notary?

Licenses to be a Notary Public are granted to individuals, not to positions. So unless a librarian has received such a license he or she is not a Notary Public. If he - or anyone - is a notary, the fact is often publicized at the location, or elsewhere.

Is a doctor a notary person?

A doctor could be a notary public only if they have received notary commission from the notary control board of the state they are in. A doctor would not pick this title up automatically when he/she becomes a doctor.

Does a notary public work in India?

A notary public from the United States will not work in India. A notary public is good in the states and counties that they are allowed to work in, not in foreign countries.