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Q: Can a postmaster use honorable before their name?
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How do you use postmaster in a sentence?

Izmislete neshto we!

How do use the word honorable in a sentence?

Example: He was an extremely honorable soldier.

What salutation do you use in a letter to a judge when you don't know there name?

"Your Honor" is an appropriate salutation to use in a letter addressed to a judge when you do not know their name.

How do you properly address a Judge?

The Honorable [first name] [last name] or Judge [first name] [last name] Speaking to the Judge in person, use Your Honor.

Who is the postmaster of Michigan?

There is no Postmaster of Michigan. There are individual city Postmasters and a Postmaster General who is over the entire Postal Service. So, if you are looking for say the Postmaster of Detroit or the Postmaster of New York, you would be able to find your answer online I'm sure or use the blue pages in your telephone book. But again, there are no state Postmasters.

How do you address an honourable?

When addressing someone with an honorable title, such as "Honourable," you would use it before their name in formal communication or in person. For example, "Honourable John Smith." It is a sign of respect and recognition of their position or status.

Abbreviation for honorable?

When abbreviating the word "Honorable" as in a title assigned to a judge, use Hon.

What titles do House of Representatives have?

A member of the House is referred to as a Representative, Congressman, or Congresswoman and Representatives use the prefix "The Honorable" before their names.

Do you refer to a District Attorney as the honorable District Attorney?

Elected officials and judges have the title "The Honorable." If the district attorney you are addressing was elected in a general election... the indeed he or she would be "The Honorable". In conversation you may address the DA as "Mister District Attorney" or call him "Mister" - followed by his last name.What if he was a judge before being elected to district attorney?The rule is "once an Honorable, always an Honorable" so if he or she ever held a office that entitled address as "The Honorable" then most formally the courtesy title's use is continued.

What is the proper way to address a former judge upon meeting him or her in conversation?

The Honorable is their title for a lifetime once received. Thus, Honorable (Last Name)

What is the correct way to address a US Senator when writing him a letter?

Address him or her as "Honorable" as in the Honorable John McCain. The "Honorable" is only for adding before the name in addressing an envelope and on the top of the letter where you put the full name and address of the senator. In the body of the letter you would write "Dear Senator McCain;"

Should i use 'the' before a persons name?

No, it is not necessary to use "the" before a person's name when addressing them directly. It is more common to use titles like Mr., Mrs., or Dr. before a person's name in formal contexts.