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Yes. It's not considered a "campaign contribution", so it isn't subject to the normal restrictions. If a candidate wants to find his campaign entirely by himself, it's perfectly legal for him to do so.

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A presidential candidate does not need private financing. He can actually run a campaign using only his own personal money. This statement is false.

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No. This is false.

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Q: Can a presidential candidate use his own money to fund his campaign?
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What is a political action committee PAC used for?

It is used to raise and disburse funds for political campaigns. Under US campaign finance laws, PACs are treated differently from either a political party or a candidate's own campaign funds.

Is it illegal for an interest group to make a political contribution to a candidate's campaign fund?

No. The Supreme Court took off restrictions on political contributions in a ruling in 2013. That is one reason so much money is now involved in political campaigns. The small contributions can not compete with the millions that have come into the system to pay for interest based legislation.

How much can a individual contribute to a presidential campaign?

"In the general election, however, you may not make any contributions to the campaigns of Democratic or Republican nominees who receive Federal funds. (Federal funding in the general election takes the form of direct government grants rather than matching payments.) You may nevertheless designate a contribution of up to $2,400 to the candidate's compliance fund, a special account used to pay for certain legal and accounting expenses. You may also contribute up to $2,400 to the general election campaign of any Presidential candidate who is not a Federally funded Democratic or Republican nominee." source: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Which task do volunteers for a political campaign usually do?

Canvas at local rallies and events- apex

How many presidents signed an IOU for borrowed SS money and never paid it back?

I am not sure what you want to know. Presidents can not borrow money from the US treasury, nor do they sign notes for such loans. The social security trust fund was begun in 1939. The money in the fund has always been "invested" entirely in US government bonds which means its full balance was always borrowed from by the government. SS does not really have any money , except the government IOU's in its fund. Of course, it is not the President, but the Congress which controls the money and if changes are to be made, Congress would have to pass the laws to make them.

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What did the presidential election campaign fund create in 1971?

It provided public funds for presidential campaigns.

The presidential election campaign fund was created in 1971 to provide what?

limits on federal campaign spending

What was the presidential election campaign fund in 1971 created for?

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund was created in 1971 to provide public funding for presidential elections. Its purpose was to reduce the reliance on private contributions and special interest funding and to promote transparency in campaign financing. It allows eligible candidates to receive federal funds to finance their campaigns if they agree to certain spending limits and regulations.

What did the Presidential Election Campaign Fund created in 1971 provide?

Public funds for presidential campaigns

Can a president run his own campaign with his own money?

Yes, a president can use his own money to fund his campaign. However, it is also common for presidential candidates to seek out and accept donations from supporters and run campaigns with the help of political fundraising. The use of personal funds can supplement traditional campaign financing methods.

How important is access to money to presidential candidate?

It takes a lot of money to run a presidential campaign. In the early stages, before any candidate is nominated by a party,the candidates have to fund their own campaigns and money really matters then. If a candidate run out of money, he has to drop out. Moreover, candidates who prove they can raise money thereby show themselves as viable candidates and gain additional support. Money tends to follow money.

How does a candidate raise campaign funds?

Some of the most common ways to raise money is to ask people, presidential canidates can get money from random people but the amount must be under $1000 dollars or it is illeagl and the candidate can be kicked out the election. Another way is to save up from there former high paying poltical jobs they had, or just from the jobs they used to have. Those are the two basic ways to get money if yopu are ever a presidential candidate.

How can an individual get involved in campaigning for a presidential candidate?

Candidates usually open campaign headquarters in cities and towns. If you can locate one, just go down to it and say you want to help.Colleges and some high schools have young Democrat and Republican clubs who get actively involved in every campaign.Newspapers carry stories of campaign rallies and fund raisers. Go to one of these or contact one of names mentioned.Candidates usually have web pages that contain information about how to work in the campaign. Google the name you want to help or the party that you favor.If you ever once work in a campaign or give money to a candidate, you will be bombarded by letters and phone calls asking for money and help. You can quickly become as active as you wish.If you see someone wearing a campaign button or see a campaign sign in someone's yard or a sticker on a car, ask him how to get involved.

What is money that is given to political parties to support their candidates?

"Hard money" is money that is given to political parties in support of candidates.

Do you have to be rich to be president of the US?

No, case in point Abraham Lincoln. However, having money helps a candidate launch and fund campaigns.

What are four ways in which the FEC attempts to regulate the role of money in campaigns?

They require the timely disclosure of campaign financial data, place limits on campaign contributions, place limits on campaign expenditures, and provide public fund.

How contributions are made to the presidential election campaign fund?

People can voluntarily give to it on their income tax returns. People and corporations can also contribute directly by cash, check or credit cards.