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yes it can

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Q: Can innovation occur without personal freedom?
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When did innovation occur in US?

Innovation occurs all the time.

What field did the significant technological innovation occur in the late S's?

all of the above(nonanet)

What is linguistic innovation?

Linguistic innovation refers to the creation or adaptation of new language forms, expressions, or conventions within a language. It can occur through the introduction of new words, changes in grammar patterns, or shifts in pronunciation. Linguistic innovation plays a crucial role in language development and evolution.

What would happen if the underground railroad did not occur?

they would not have escape and got freedom

Can emancipation occur with out the consent of a parent or legal gaurdian?

Yes, it can occur without consent. It cannot occur without their knowledge. They will get to have their say at the court hearing.

Can ovulation occur without ovaries?


Does metabolism occur without enzyme?

No, metabolism requires enzymes to catalyze the chemical reactions that break down nutrients and produce energy in cells. Enzymes act as biological catalysts to speed up metabolic processes.

What field did significant technological innovation occur in the late 1800?

Your answer is "all of the above-building materials, communications, and transportation". I hope this works for you.

Can pregnancy occur without period?


What is often the target of criticism in invation literature?

Innovation literature is often criticized for being overly theoretical and disconnected from practical applications. Critics argue that it often does not provide actionable guidance for companies looking to innovate successfully in the real world. Additionally, some argue that innovation literature can be too focused on success stories and not give enough attention to the challenges and failures that can occur in the innovation process.

When did taxation without representation occur?

it started in 2013

Can metamorphism occur without deformation?

Yes, metamorphism can occur without deformation. Contact metamorphism, which results from high temperatures and pressures near igneous intrusions, can happen without significant deformation of the rock. Additionally, burial metamorphism can occur due to increased pressure from overlying rocks without accompanying deformation.