Can people be extinct

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Can people be extinct
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What type of animal existed for millions of years but probably became extinct before man could appear?

Not Dodo birds you retards they are extinct exactly because man appeared. Read the question properly. I'm pretty sure the answer is dinosaurs cause the others don't make sense.

What type of rock is Devils tower?

Devil's Tower near Sheridan, WY is made mostly of igneous rock. It is an ancient plug from an extinct volcano. It is about 700 feet high.

What is manmonths?

I wonder if you mean Mammoths? I hope you did, because I'm going to answer your question like you did! Mammoths are prehistoric creatures that lived during the last Ice Age in Eurasia and North America. Along with most of the large animals of the Americas, the Mammoth went extinct because of the retreat of the Ice Age. Our ancestors, the Homo-Erectus, Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnens hunted and ate the Mammoth, and actually used their bones to create their houses. There is great debate as to whether our ancestors drove the Mammoths extinct through hunting, most likely it was a contributing factor. Mammoths were humongous! They weighed anywhere from 6-12 tons, and had exceptionally large tusks. The Mammoths were the last species of their genus, effectivley ending the genus when they went extinct. The Mammoths are from another world, they lived when man was begginning to evolve into our modern day selves. They shaped much of our evolution as well, providing us with food and shelter.

Who was the first person to come up with the phrase for the people for the people by the people?

who was the first person to come up with the phrase "for the people,for th people,by the people"?

What is damocrasy?

A government by the people, of the people, for the people is a democracy

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When was incas people get extinct?

not extinct

Why did the dodos get extinct?

The dodos got extinct because people hunted them and because people destroyed their habitat

Why is the wolf extinct?

Because people shoot them for no reason.

Is the ctenophora extinct?

its a maybe because people cold prove that its really extinct or people got killed while investigeting

Is the giant prehistoric penguin extinct?

yes it is extinct we have sent many people to see

Are Bear going extinct?

Not completley extinct, but some people are trying to help them in the wild.

Did people make mammoths extinct?

no they did not

Is a moa extinct?

yes it is. people say the reason it became extinct is because they think people were coming, or a volcano exploded, and the climate.

Are grizzly bears going extinct?

Not completley extinct, but some people are trying to help them in the wild.

How can you help the blue shark from being extinct?

tell people that blue sharks are getting extinct

Why are African eliphants becoming extinct?

African elephants are becoming extinct because people are killing them .

Is leukemia extinct?

LEUKEMIA IS NOT EXTINCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many people have leukemia and many are also getting the disease!