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Yes but you had to be from the beginning

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Q: Can you be a staff member for mileyworld?
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How do you become a staff member in Mileyworld?

I think you have to work for miley.And how do you do that?I dont know.

How do you become a mileyworld staff member?

it said on the FAQ page of mileyworld they do not have any openings at this time, but if you want to become a member you can pay $30 a month on your visa or mastercard no cash allowed

What does a member of mileyworld do?

A member of MileyWorld gets a member pack and gets to use cool features on These features include: MileyWorld chat rooms-chat about all things Miley and tons more, exclusive videos Miley has personally recorded, updates, news, blogs and tons more!

Is Mileyworld worth paying for?

Yes! Deffonatly! I have been a member on MileyWorld for 2 years- it's so good I payed twice! I would deffonatly join!

You have bought a CD of Miley Cyrus how can you go on mileyworld?

You have to become a member on miley world and then order your membership packet and only THEN be a member on mileyworld. You have to use your credit card and stuff....and write your CVV2 code of the credit card! You have to do that!

Does mileyworld have contests?

Yes mileyworld does have contest in facts tons of them

Does Mileyworld cost ANY money at all?

MileyWorld cost 29.95 a year

What staff member handles requests for help from the lawmakers constituents?

Committee Staff Member

What is MileyWorld?

What is the difference between administration and staff?

Administration is a member of the University who has a licensed teaching degree, and a staff member does not have a licensed teaching degree. The pay of a administration and staff member are very different.

What is Noah Cyrus' name on mileyworld?

Noah Cyrus' username is NoahCyrus and mileys is MILEY CYRUS. They will be highlighted in red because they are staff members, so u know that it is really them!!!

How much does it cost to be a member od miley world?

To become a member of Mileyworld you must pay $30 a month with your visa or mastercard, no cash allowed, or get an all access pass in one of her cds or magazines.