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Committee Staff Member

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Q: What staff member handles requests for help from the lawmakers constituents?
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How can a member of Congress balance responsibilities that conflict?

he or she must weigh conflicting information and arguments presented by constituents, fellow party members, and lobbyists

What are constituent services?

Constituent services are services a member of Congress provides for their constituents. The services can include help with immigration, Social Security, military academy applications, or veterans benefits.

How do you become President Pro Tempore of the Senate?

In the US, you become President of the Senate by becoming vice-President of the United States.

How many people are in the house of representaives?

Each member of the House represents about 710,000 people. The number can vary greatly among states, but must be relatively consistent within any given state. Because of the minimum of 1 representative per state, the fixed total number of 435 means that several states have a total population near the average. The most constituents for a single district is seen in Montana, whose single representative has about 944,000 constituents. The smallest number of constituents is the one representative in Wyoming, with only 515,000 constituents. *The approximate representation within each state is shown at the related chart link below.

What are people back home reffered to by the member of congress who represents them?

The citizens that live and work in the district or State are routinely called constituents. The person that goes to Congress to represent the people in his State or District is the representative.

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What staff member runs the lawmakers office?


What do congress member's constituents share?

A congress member's constituents are the people he or she is elected to represent. They share a similar location as they all live in the congress member's home district.

What can only a member of congress do?

Only a member of Congress can propose and introduce legislation, vote on bills and resolutions, serve on committees, participate in congressional hearings, and represent their constituents by advocating for their interests and concerns to other lawmakers, government officials, and the public.

What term refers to the people in the district that a house member?


What term refers to the people in the district that a house member represents?


What are people back home referred to by the member of congress who represents them?


What is sir Mackenzie bowell's personality?

Sir Mackenzie Bowell was Canadaâ??s fifth prime minister and a member of the Libertarian party. Initially unpopular, constituents gained an appreciation for his steadfast demeanor. His lawmakers, however, believed he was an incompetent leader and endeavored to remove him from office. He resigned from the position after two years. He was married for 50 years and the father of nine children.

How does a member of a congress act a trustee?

Trustees call issues as they see them, regardless of the views held by their constituents or by any of the other groups that seek to influence their decisions.

What does a member of legislature do?

They do many things but primarily they represent their constituents in enacting legislation.

An appropriation that benefits the constituents of a member of congress and thus enhances their popularity with the voters?

A pork barrel

Are preambles the people in a member of congress home state or district?

No, it should be CONSTITUENTS. The Preamble is the introduction to the Constitution.

What does a member of congress do on a daily basis?

vote on a bill, read letters from constituents, and also give speech