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A person may vote for the president only if that is what he or she chooses to do. There will be many other offices up for election, Repesentatives, Senators and state officers too. Nothing requires a person to vote on every office or issue in order to have the presidential vote counted.

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Q: Can you just vote on president or do you have to vote on all issues?
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Who has the final vote on security issues?

In the United States, it is the President of the United States in his role as Commander in Chief of all US Armed Forces.

Does a president get to vote in election?

Of course they have the right to vote just like any other citizen and they return home to their own precincts to do it.. They dont lose their rights just because they are candidates.Yes, wouldn't it be awful if a candidate got no votes at all? This way they get at least 1 vote :-)

What is the type of government the US has?

When going through government class in High School, they explained that this was a Limited Republic. People don't vote on all decisions (especially federal issues). They vote for people to make the decision on the issues. There are times they vote on local issues themselves, but that is not for the bulk of the issues.

How could a kid vote for president?

By allowing the parents to vote for the child. Parents act as the representatives of the child in all legal matters. If for example a child owns shares in a company the parents decide how the child votes on issues concering the company. Voting for president could be arranged the same way. In the U.S. this is currently not allowed.

Before 1920 women in America could not do what?

All of the above ~Apex

What Age to vote for president in state of Georgia?

In all states the constitution makes the age to vote 18.

Are the High School Musical stars voting for a president?

I'm pretty sure all of the characters (the main characters, at least) are 18 or older, so they all can vote. It's just a matter if they actually choose to vote, which I think that they will.

Who can vote for Romanias presidents?

All the peoples over 18 years can vote a president.

How does the president get elected of the US?

People vote for the president. If he/she (when there is a she) gets the most votes, they are elected president. Then they have to swore in and all that stuff.

Who are the Independents?

People who are independent politically are those who do not want to belong to just one political party. They vote based on the issues, and they may vote for Republicans or they may vote for Democrats. They like the freedom of choosing the candidate based on his or her views, rather than just arbitrarily voting for one political party all the time.

How many US states allow citizens to vote directly on issues of public policy?

All of them. There are state and local issues that are voted on.

Why should citizens vote if electoral votes not us elect the president?

The citizens of the United States do vote in a President. They vote for the President they want their state to vote for. Then their state votes for whoever got the most votes. Just because voting for US President is not done strictly by majority rule does not mean it is unfair.