Can you legislate morality

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Considered in general terms, the question of legislating morality (that is, can one legislate it) is a definitive "yes." Indeed, it is generally impossible to avoid legislating morality, since every law is a commitment to there being right and wrong actions, with certain actions specified as right or wrong by each law that is passed. When moving from actions to thoughts or feelings, of course, the question becomes much less easy to answer.

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Q: Can you legislate morality
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Can a government legislate morality by banning certain negative behaviors?

si, dont flip of little kids

Is it the job of government to legislate morality?

No. This is up to the individual . Laws can not be passed on morality. What may be moral for one person may not be for another. A government that does this is ruled by a church or is a dictatorship. Laws are made to keep the peace, organize the government and to ensure the safety, health, and protection of the people.

What is the suffix of legislate?

The suffix of "legislate" is "-ate."

Can a government legislate morality by mandating certain positive behaviors?

Conformity to the mandated moral laws requires constant observation to detect non-conformity to said laws, and then swift punishment of the violators. Delayed punishment, unpunished violations and no consequences for violations only encourages further violations of said moral laws. Morality can be mandated by making it in the best interest of the people to follow common sense morality.

Why do politicians attempt to legislate morality?

It is the job of politicians to make laws, and every law that has ever been passed was because somebody thought it was the right thing to do; and was able to convince enough other people that he is right. It is impossible to remove morality from law making, a person's ethos will always determine what bills and laws he/she supports.

What is a sentence for legislate?

The government will legislate 2 new laws today.

What is a small sentence for legislate?

I watch CNN to see what our Congress will legislate next.

Can the executive legislate?

The executive can legislate because they are the decision makers, also they stand as directors and supervisor.

What is a sentence for the word legislation?

To legislate means to pass into law. Here are some sentences.We need to legislate against hate crimes.Is the Supreme Court going to legislate in favor of the new law?Why don't they legislate to make homework illegal? (LOL)

Where is the express power of Congress to legislate against discrimination found?

There is no express power of Congresd to legislate against discrimination in the Constitution

Is it possible to legislate equality?

yes and no

What is the verb form of legislative?

It is "to legislate".