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Canada is limited in its agricultural production because the growing season for much of the country is relatively short. Although the temperatures of coastal areas are moderated by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the interior temperatures are rather low during the winter. While the temperatures of the interior do get warmer than coastal areas during the summer, the length of the warm season in much of Canada is not sufficient to support the growth of many of the fruits and vegetables needed to feed their population. Therefore, Canada must import these foods.

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Q: Canada is limited in its agricultural production because?
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Why is Canada limited in its agricultural production?

For some crops the growing season is too short.

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Some of the main agricultural regions in Canada include the Prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, known for their wheat, canola, and barley production. Ontario and Quebec are also significant agricultural regions, producing a variety of crops such as corn, soybeans, and fruits. Additionally, the Fraser Valley in British Columbia is known for its dairy and poultry farming.

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The three Prairie provinces of Canada Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

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