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There are many political parties in Canada. You can find out a total list of them on

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Q: Canadian political parties stand for
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What has the author Frederick C Englemann written?

Frederick C. Englemann has written: 'Political parties and the Canadian social structure' -- subject(s): Canada, Political parties

What has the author George Millard Hougham written?

George Millard Hougham has written: 'Minor parties in Canadian national politics, 1867-1940' -- subject(s): Parties, Political, Political parties, Politics and government

Which institution developed outside the limits of the written constitution of the United states?

Political Parties.

How do you think political parties effectively represent the Canadian population?

omg i have the same stupid questions for civics and etc....

What do the political parties stand for?

A political party is a political group of kindred spirits. Political parties often seek more than one purpose, such as promoting employment, a fair distribution of income, a clean environment or the fight against crime. Because not everyone pursues these goals the same way, there are more parties arise.

Work or duties of political parties in democratic nation?

Political parties have the duty to report to the people and also keep the government in check. They also act as a vehicle for those wishing to stand in elective posts.

What is Differences between Canadian and American Political Systems?

In Canada, they have a Constitutional Monarchy & a Parliamentary-Cabinet type government. In America, we have a Presidential-Congressional type government. But both countries are democracies.;]

What is the plural of political party?

The plural of political party is "political parties".

Types of political parties?

Political parties usually have their basis in shared political ideologies and objectives. In the United States the two major political parties are the Republican and Democrat parties.

Are there political parties in Romania?

Romania has many political parties.

What political parties exist?

There are literally hundreds of political parties.

How many political parties does Israel have?

Israel has numerous political parties. Currently in the Israeli Knesset there are 12 political parties.