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Q: Capitalist economy operates somewhat independently from china in what city?
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What is the economic system of Argentina?

Chile has a moderated capitalist economy.

Is Ghana a capitalist or socialist economy?

Ghana is a capitalist economy.

Is US a capitalist economy or mixed economy?

Capitalist: wages system,production for profit, class ownership.

Is Uruguay a capitalist or communist economy?

A capitalist economy since its conception.

List of countries with capitalist economy?

Two of the countries that have a capitalist economy include: Germany and the United States. Also, China, India, and Japan have a capitalist economy.

Is Britain a capitalist or socialist economy?


Price system between capitalist economy and socialist economy?

Socialism has no money, no economy and no prices. Under capitalism, prices are essentially determined by the amount of labour involved in producing something (affected too by supply and demand, among other things).

Is free enterprise found in a capitalist economy or socialist economy?

It is found in a capitalist economy. However, do remember no nation currently has a pure capitalist or pure socialist economy. Every nation has a trace of capitalist and socialist

How is Barbados a democratic capitalist economy?

is barbados a capitalist country

What are the supportive arguments you will raise favouring capitalist economy?

what are supportive argument you will raise favouring capitalist economy

How does a traditional economy differ from a capitalist economy?

In a capitalist system, the government answers the three basic questions.

What effect does communism have on businesses in china?

China is not communist in any way except name. It operates on a very capitalist free market economy, just like the rest of the world.