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France is capitalist: class system, wage labour, production for sale at a profit.

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Yes, it does have a Socialist Economy.

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Q: Does France have a democratic socialist economy?
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When did Democratic Socialist Party - France - end?

Democratic Socialist Party - France - ended in 1954.

Is France's economy capitalist?

no it is very socialist

When was Freedom Socialist Party created?

Freedom Socialist Party was created in 1966.

Is france's economy more capitalist or socialist?

Capitalist: class ownership, wages system, production for sale.

What kind of economic system does France have?

mixed economy between socialist and capitalist

When was Democratic Socialist Perspective created?

Democratic Socialist Perspective was created in 1972.

When was Democratic Socialist Federation created?

Democratic Socialist Federation was created in 1956.

Which revolutions were started under Stalin's rule as a means to improve Soviet Union's economy?

Stalin's control of the Soviet economy led to famine, disunity and poor economic growth. Socialism will always help destroy an economy unless its a democratic socialism, where the people can vote and force certain economic improvements, such as making some industries private corporations. There is a need for a degree of competition even in the democratic socialist governments in Europe as an example. The head of France, Hollande, is a socialist, however, he does not plan to have the French government own the means of production.

When was Democratic Socialist Electoral League created?

Democratic Socialist Electoral League was created in 1998.

When did Democratic Socialist Electoral League end?

Democratic Socialist Electoral League ended in 2001.

When did Democratic Socialist Party - Japan - end?

Democratic Socialist Party - Japan - ended in 1994.

When was Democratic Socialist Party - Japan - created?

Democratic Socialist Party - Japan - was created in 1960.