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Similar, although the GB Labour party still describes itself as 'Democratic Socialist' the Democrats in the USA have Liberals and moderate conservatives amonsgt their ranks and would never describe themselves as Socialist.

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Q: Is the Democratic Party the same as the labor party in UK?
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Why did Strom Thurmond leave the Democratic Party?

Strom Thurmond left the democratic party because his views and their views differed greatly. They did not want the same things and did not agree on how the country was being run.

Can another democrat run against the existing democratic president?

A Democrat could run for the Democratic nomination against an incumbent Democratic President. This happened in 1980 , for example, when Ted Kennedy ran against President Carter. A democrat would not run on the same party lines as another Democrat since the Democratic party can only nominate one candidate themselves. So a third party could nominate a Democrat to run for president if that Democrat lost the Democratic nomination to someone else.

What were the first political party?

There were actually two first political parties. Both parties formed at basically the same time, because the first one (which is technically unknown which party came first) had ideas someone didn't like, so another person formed a second party with their ideas contradicting the first party's ideas. The first two political parties were the Republican Party and the Federalist Party.

What decides weather a political party will be the majority or minority party?

The majority party is the party to which the most representatives or senators belong. The other party is the minority party.

When did the Democratic-Republican Party break up?

The Democratic-Republican Party didn't die, in the sense that they simply faded as the Federalists had; they actively split the party into two new parties (National Republicans and Democrats) after the Presidential election of 1824 because of major ideological differences that became intolerable to members of the Democratic-Republicans. Some became National Republicans, who were similar to the earlier Democratic-Republican Party, and some became Democrats, who shared more in common with the old Federalist party.

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Is the liberal party the same as the Democratic Party?

The Democrat party is known are know as the liberals.

Is the republican party the same as the British labor party?

No, the Labour Party is the dominant left-wing party of the United Kingdom. The dominant right-wing party is the Conservative Party - but their political stance is probably closer to the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. European countries tend to be more left-wing than the US.

Is it the same party in power in the federal government why why not?

The Democratic Party, is the party that is power as far as the Federal government is concerned.

What was the name of Jackson's political party?

His beliefs were in line with Jeffersonian-Republicans, in the election of 1824 he was considered a Democratic-Republican, by the 1828 election he dropped Republican and became the first president of the Democratic party. Don't confuse his Democratic party with the modern Democratic party. The names/party is the same, but ideas on the role of government are different.

Are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the same party?

Yes- they are both prominent members of the Democratic Party.

Does Australian Senator John Madigan support same-sex marriage?

Neither Senator John Madigan or the Democratic Labor Party support same sex marriage. The party and the senator want to protect the sanctity of marriage, which is a commitment between a man and a woman.

Do most Americans belong to the same political party?

No, most Americans do not belong to the same political party. The United States has a two-party system, with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party being the major political parties. However, there are also many Americans who identify as independents or belong to smaller, third-party organizations.

Why did Strom Thurmond leave the Democratic Party?

Strom Thurmond left the democratic party because his views and their views differed greatly. They did not want the same things and did not agree on how the country was being run.

Does Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party support same-sex marriage?

The Democratic Unionist Party is confined to Northern Ireland, and is a right-wing party that wishes Northern Ireland to remain a part of the UK. Most of it's members are traditionalist Anglicans or Presbyterians, who would not support same-sex marriage.

What decides whether a political party will be the minority or the majority party?

Republican members of each house choose their own leaders, and the Democratic members do the same. The political party that has the most members in each house is known as the majority party. The political party that has fewer members is called the minority party.

Does the Alternative Democratic Reform Party of Luxembourg support or oppose same-sex marriage?

They oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage in Luxembourg and are the only party represented in parliament to do so.

Why is it so important for a political party to get its members elected to public office?

The reason it is important because, the more of the same party then the more that party will rule like how the democrats are leading.. because Obama is democratic.